Ei Haliaeetus

MacLoi (Avian race)



Endurance: 1 d4
Strength: 2 d6
Speed: 3 d8
Deftness: 3 d8
Agility: 2 d6
Cognition: 3 d8
Savvy: 2 d6
Psi: 2 d6

Action Points: 5

Defense: 4

Psi Points Max: 18

Damage Reduction Total: 2
Damage Levels:

Normal : 0-8
Negative 1: 9-16
Negative 2: 17-24
Downed : 25-32

Abilities / Skills

Affinity: Urban Sector
Computer Usage

Psi Abilities:
TK Punch 1Psi pt. – 2 ap (roll Cog to hit Psi for damage)
Move/push/pull = 2 Psi per range incr. based on size (see Book) – 2 ap
hit target spot = beat TN of 3


Kinetic Gel Armor- DR 2

species trait: talons 1d6 – 3 ap

psi Staff d8 – 3 ap
psi Staff (Scythe ON) d8 +1 -3 ap

small pistol 3d4 12 rounds per magazine – 2 ap : reload – 2 ap

Misc. Items
Holophone – for communication with Yuri
Audio surveillance recorder with microdrive
Micro-video recorder
1 empty credit chip / scanner
1 personal data slate w/ heads up visor
pair of short range micro-pulse communicators


Ei is a relatively young MacLoi (Avian Race). He has grown and lived his entire life on the middle-class Urban levels of the Armeggo. He graduated from Armeggo Technicademy 2 galactic standard years ago and had been working in an assistant management roll at his uncle’s MacLonal’s franchise.

He is a long time friend of Marcus, a Terran young man who lived 2 cubicles over. They have been friends since Preliminary Education classes. Ei also has a close connection to Yuri – they were former class-mates who spent much of their later instruction years together, often getting into light-hearted techno-based mischief.

Due to a very unfortunate happenstance, Ei is currently on the run from the Civil Protection. He and his new-found acquaintances are wrapped up in a very complex web of political intrigue, corporate espionage, and government cover-up.

Currently, Ei is operating under the alias Jae Stercorarius- president and CEO of Starhawk Industries (pleasure space-Yachts). He and his friends are infiltrating the upper echelon of the ship, trying to get a peg on who is responsible for this convoluted situation.

Ei Haliaeetus

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