Species: Tericonian
Planet: Tericon
Type/Class: Psionic

Endurance : 2 d6
Strength : 3 d8
Speed : 1 d4
Deftness : 1 d4
Agility : 1 d4
Cognition : 1 d4
Savvy : 2 d6
Psi : 4 d10

Handed: Right
Action Points: 3
Defense: 2

Hit points total: 36
-1 Penalty: 12
-2 Penalty: 24

Damage Reduction:


I will expand on the back story a bit as I feel my way through the game:

Xyan fell in love with his twin brother’s “promised” (what we would call Fiancée). When Xyrus, his brother, found out he killed Lerica, the Fiancée, by mistake, the attack meant to kill Xyan. Devastated by what he did, Xyrus went mad and blames Xyan for her death, vowing to kill Xyan.

Xyan was able to flee his planet, not wanting to fight his brother, and now is wanted for the murder of Lerica, who was the daughter of one of The Seven, the seven rulers of all of Tericon.


Future 5000 Vyvyaenne