Michael Cusano

Syndicate Collections Specialist


Species: Human
Handed: Left

Endurance: 2 d6
Strength: 3 d8
Speed: 1 d4
Deftness: 3 d8
Agility: 2 d6
Cognition: 1 d4
Savvy: 2 d6
Psi: 1 d4

Action Points: 3
Defense: 3
Damage Reduction:

Damage Levels:
Normal: 0-12
Negative 1: 13-24
Negative 2: 25-36
Unconscious: 36-48
Dead: 37+


“So, da boss wants his money, and he ain’t real big on patience. Are you gonna respect your obligations, or am I gonna have to give you a lesson in personal responsibility by makin’ yer limbs bend the wrong way?”

Michael Cusano

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