MacLoi (Race)

Homeworld: Avialae

Southern Isles – Parrot/Macaw
Indicus Flatlands – Vultures
Aves Proper – Eagle/Hawk (Ei’s Family)
Strigi Forests – Owls
Corvus (no homeland) – Crows
Gelid Shores – Penguins

All types do inter-breed, so many MacLoi are mixed- however there are still some that stay within their groups.

Southern Isles are considered non-hostile. They eat mainly fruit / seeds etc. Very intelligent, though their lifestyle causes them to not be taken seriously.

Indicus Flatlands, are seen as opportunistic living off other races and ruthless- they view it as a necessary step in the ecosystem.

Aves Proper is the “main” land area of Avialae (the MacLoi planet)
- these are the majority of the MacLoi race, the proud warrior poets. Reputation for being too confrontational.

Strigi Forests – Quiet and primarily nocturnal. Their silent exacting style has given them a reputation for being shrewd/harsh businessmen.

Corvus – most spread bird species, eats almost anything. They fit in wherever they go, but don’t have strong loyalties.

Gelid Shores – The flightless ones. Spend 1/2 their time in the water. Isolated and very tight knit.

MacLoi (Race)

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